All you need to do next is (after signing up):

1. On the Clients Page - add a new client (click on "+ New Client" button)

This should take you to the Projects area

2. On the Projects Page - add a new Project (click on the "+ New Project" button) 

3. You should now be in Setup Projects (you should see a central navigation bar with "Project Setup", "Dashboard", "Actions", "Action Plan" and "Analytics".  Project Setup will allow you to enter the keywords and URLs important to your website.

First give us some details on your website and the search engine relevant to you.

project setup 1.png

Next, set up the pages and keywords you wish to rank better for. The number of actions we generate increases as you add more url/keywords.

project setup 2.png

Once you have entered in a few of your keywords and URLs, Glasshat will begin to crawl, index and calculate (via a number of algorithms including Correlation) the exact SEO activities you should be doing when compared with your ranking competitors.

4. It may take around 24 - 48 hours for Glasshat to complete all of it's calculations, during this period you should be able to view Website Health Check items from the Dashboard Tab (within the Project Section).  In summary, Glasshat performs a quick 'spot' Health Check as well as a more longer term 'Performance Improvement' analysis.

I hope you don't mind repeating some of the features of the Product you may already be aware of, and I hope these steps assist you in finding what you need.