Suggestions for using YouTube's new feature: Interactive Cards

When using these cards:

  • Use an engaging picture, teaser and call to action (for the picture, I've noticed that youtubers have suggested that 400x400 px in png format works best).

  • Only a max of 5 cards are allowed per video - but there are suggestions that you should limit your card use to 3 per video for better click through rate.

  • YouTube has suggested that video creators not to point to the cards because they can be in different places depending on the device used. 

  • Use both annotations and the Interactive cards (until annotations gets deactivated). This is because annotations are more in your face and attention grabbing. 

  • Spread your cards out during the video. I'd also recommend having them show during times where your audience tend to dip.

  • The links to iTunes will not work on Android devices - this factor should be kept in mind when creating a card for any itunes app.

  • Consider linking to things that would benefit the viewer - like company infographics 

Provided by our Content Creation Specialist: Vicki Mo