Reference - "WhatsApp FAQ Page"

  1. Make the questions bold and readable. Your customers need to be able to scan quickly for the information they need.

  2. Make answers scannable - Use bullet points where needed

  3. Stick to your customer's language - Make use of your buyer personas

  4. Use visuals where appropriate – Use icons to demonstrate different categories. If a diagram or screenshot can help clarify, use it.

  1. Keep your FAQ clean and professional. Organise your FAQ page and give your FAQs some overall structure.

  2. Word Count for FAQs - There are no tips for the specific work count of an FAQ, the length is dependent on the complexity of the question. Always make sure you summarise the answers in the best possible way.

  3. Use at least 6-15 FAQ’s per category - Have more? Consider grouping them together or answering related questions in a blog post, and then linking to that blog post with one FAQ.


  1. Internal Linking - Link each answer and the entire FAQ page back to a related page



  1. Give your visitors a search optionLet your visitors search for questions.

  2. Place your FAQ page link in the header and the footer for easy access